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Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment means removal of infected and necrotic dental pulp and sealed the tooth to prevent future microbial invasion. The procedure consists of cleaning, shaping and hermetic sealing of root canal system with inert and biocompatible root canal filling materials. Cleaning and shaping is achieved by use of tiny hand and rotary instruments along with antiseptic irrigating solutions.

Once the infected and necrotic pulpal tissue is removed and root canal system is completely decontaminated, roots are filled with inert and biocompatible materials. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and almost painless. After the surgery, the tooth will be "dead" and painless and we preserve the tooth like “MUMMY”. After completion of the treatment, tooth is covered with a porcelain or ceramic crown, for future protection of the tooth. It generally requires more than one visit, but now a day recent advancement in endodontic rotary instruments and materials SINGLE VISIT ROOT CANAL TREATMENTS ARE POSSIBLE. We implement the most ultra advanced rotary equipments, biocompatible materials and antiseptic irrigating solutions along with strict sterilizing operating field which are crucial to treatment success. To know more call us at 09974525102.


Pre-Operative Radiograph

Master Cone Radiograph

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Pre-Operative Radiograph

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Radiograph After Obturation