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Orthodontic Treatment (Application of Braces on teeth)

Orthodontic treatment (Braces application on teeth) is indicated for the correction of Malaligned teeth, crowding of teeth, excessive spacing or labial proclination of teeth in the arch. This treatment reduce the gaps and spacing between teeth, also correct the malaligned, crowded and proclined teeth in the arch and thereby giving you glowing and charming smile.

  • Restore your facial structure
  • Enjoy and active lifestyle
  • Life with confidence

If you found any problem regarding above mention details, you come into our clinic for consultation, because if it is not properly diagnosed and treated may produce so may dental problems in mouth. Because of this types of discrepancies developed inside mouth, you are not able to clean your teeth properly, which may lead to entrapment of food particles between teeth, which is the main cause for development of dental decay, produces gum swelling, bleeding occurs from the gum and development of Halitosis. Finally you may loose your sound and natural teeth. So, Orthodontic correction is must for healthy teeth and gums, which are the foundation of our oral health.

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